Buying a new carpet or floorcovering should be a rewarding experience. Whether its for a new home, or refurbishment of your present home it will be a focal point, bringing colour and texture to your design scheme. When designing your interior you can explore so many possibilities: plain or patterned, traditional or contemporary, soft or hardfloor vibrant colours or restful pastels, whatever your requirements Woodwards can offer the right style.

There are practical benefits too, carpets provide warmth and insulation as well as good looks. Unlike anything else in your home, however, you walk on it so it has to be durable and fit for purpose. Here are our teams top tips to ensure complete satisfaction.

1) Choose a local Retailer

As well as being good for the local economy, buying locally means you can have a conversation with someone who cares. Local shops do not have the huge marketing budgets of multiple retailers, so rely far more on word of mouth to gain new customers. In turn that means they must offer exceptional product knowledge and first class service. At Woodwards we are proud to say that over 35% of our custom comes by referral or repeat business.

2) Right Product, Right Place

Not every product is suitable for all locations in the home. Stairs often have heavy traffic, so require a hard wearing carpet, whereas bedrooms often require something warm and cosy to curl your toes into. Bathrooms need specialist products if they are to be carpeted, or wipe clean vinyl.

Your local retailer should reveal their questioning skills at this stage, so that they fully understand your needs. Products they suggest should be directed by whats most important to you, not them!

3) What is it Made of?

Wool, polypropylene, viscose, perlana, recycled materials, even corn, carpets are constructed in many different materials. Each has implications for cost, wear, feel and durability. Your local retailer should be able to explain the differences to you, so you can make a fully informed choice!

4) Take a Sample

The light regime in your home is certain to be different to the shop. Its important to see the sample at home, both in natural daylight and with your room lights on. Some carpets have a pile, which can cause the colour to change depending in which direction it is laid, so check this with the retailer.

5) Its a Matter of Inches

While most retailers will work to sizes supplied by you, a professional measure is always a good idea. This will allow the shop to plan your job with minimal waste. They can discuss the location of joins, or maybe do away with the join completely. Viewing the job will highlight any possible issues, such as tight access, furniture to move, old flooring to dispose of, and any sub floor remedial works needed. That means on the day of fitting theres no nasty surprises.

6) Expert Installation

Possibly the most vital, and most overlooked, aspect of you new floor is the fitting. Poorly installed carpet means you will be disappointed as it can wear badly, and you are not getting the value you paid for. At Woodwards we employ our carpet fitters so we can control the standard of fitting, and if there are any issues, we are responsible for putting them right. Some companies, and all the multiple retailers, use sub contract fitters. This means that if you are unhappy with the standard of fitting, you have to deal with the fitter, not the shop. Thats not to say there is anything wrong with the sub contract route, but it is important you are aware of the difference before the installation takes place.

7) Underlay, new or not?

A professional estimator will check your underlays condition when they are in your home. Underlay acts like your cars suspension, and gives comfort underfoot. It helps with heat retention and absorbs sound. It will help your carpet keep its looks for longer. However you should only be adviced to change your underlay if it is needed. It could be that it all needs changing, or only certain areas such as in high traffic areas. The key is that a professional outfit will give you professional advice, ensuring that you only spend money where its needed.

8) Tha gets what tha pays for!

This Yorkshire saying is especially true in flooring. Buying the best you can afford can mean that your flooring gives many years of service, and a cheaper product may need changing 2, 3 or even 4 times more, at greater expense. On the other hand you may be planning to sell your home in a year or two, so do not need the top quality carpet. Whatever the case, a professional shop will have discussed this with you, (remember the bit about understanding your needs?), and can suggest thr right product for you.

9) Bask in the Glory!

Thats it, job jobbed! Your beautiful new flooring is fully installed. All you need now are a few friends and family to show it off to! And if you are truly happy, please tell people about it, so they can get the same great service and products for their homes.


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