Laurance & Emily, York


Emily is very creative, as the pictures show. She wanted a tartan plaid carpet. Laurance was horrified to find out the cost of such carpets, and so they came to us for help in getting the look right at a reasonable cost.


We were able to source a carpet which satisfied Emilys design brief. The carpet was supplied via Greendale. Greendale is a purchasing organisation of over 100 independent flooring shops from all over the UK. As a group they have much more purchasing power than one shop could hope to have, and are able to secure discounts from big brand manufacturers. These discounts can then be passed on to customers. In this way we were able to keep the price under control, which satisfied Laurance!

A bit of careful estimation and planning ensured minimal waste and the job was carried out by our team of directly employed installers.


"I was able to find the carpet that I wanted but Laurance being a typical Yorkshireman was not going to pay the 80 pounds or so pounds it cost per metre. Getting it for under 50 pounds was a real result.

Emily of York "


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