Top Tips: Caring For your Carpet

So you have chosen your lovely new carpet, had it fitted and invited your friends over to admire how gorgeous it looks. But how do you keep it looking beautiful with the family walking over it all the time, whats the best way to care for it?

  1. 1) Shoes off in the house! Soles with grips can cause damage, and you will tread in less mess too.

  2. 2) Vacuum regularly. You wont wear the carpet out.

  3. 3) If the pile starts to look flat, vacuuming against the pile will help lift it.

  4. 4) All carpets shed pile when new; up to 25% can be lost in the first year alone. Its really important to vacuum this away so it doesnt clog the pile.

  5. 5) Always deal with spills promptly.

  6. 6) Dab gently with a clean white cloth. Rubbing can damage the pile.

  7. 7) Using salt, or white wine, to clean a red wine stain does not work!

  8. 8) Wool in carpets is surface dyed, and some cleaning products can strip that dye. Check your cleaning product is suitable for wool, and test an out of sight area first.

  9. 9) Work from the outside of a stain inwards, so you dont spread the stain.

  10. 10) Consider using a professional cleaner. Ask friends to recommend someone. Your retailer may be able to suggest a local tradesperson.

  11. 11) Dont allow pets to sleep on the carpet, as oils from their coat may mark it. If you have an offcut, your retailer may be able to have it bound for you so your pet can sleep on this instead.

  12. 12) Any dyed carpet can fade in sunlight. Consider using blinds or curtains on hot days when you are out of the house.




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