Carpet Fibres - Which Carpet - Godfrey Hirst Wool


A natural fibre from sheep, wool is renewable and sustainable.

  • Wool carpets have a natural and soft luxurious feel.

  • The unique fibre structure is strong and hard-wearing and provides natural protection to help resist staining and soiling.

  • Wool carpets absorb noise so are quiet and naturally flame retardent so are safe.

  • Wool's natural properties help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • Wool fibres are natural, renewable and biodegradeable.

Carpet Fibres - Which Carpet - Wool Blends

Wool Blends

Wool, mixed with a synthetic fibre.

  • Wool blends are usually 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre but also come in a variety of other ratios.

  • Offer the resilience and durability found in synthetic fibres with the natural appearance and luxurious feel of wool.

  • Mixing synthetic fibre with wool can help to hold the twist definition in some carpet styles, providing improved wearing ability and reduced shedding from short fibres.

Carpet Fibres - Which Carpet - Godfrey Hirst Nylon


A synthetic fibre.

  • Nylon carpets provide long term resilience, durability and stain resistance.

  • As nylon fibres readily accept dye they have a large colour palette.

  • Is a versatile fibre type that can be made in many carpet styles.

Carpet Fibres - Which Carpet - Godfrey Hirst Polyester


A less expensive synthetic fibre.

  • Polyester carpets are less expensive.

  • Beautifully soft, they are well suited to low traffic areas.

  • Are less luxurious but still soft and provide good colourfastness.

Carpet Fibres - Which Carpet - Godfrey Hirst Polypropylene


Polypropylene is a less expensive synthetic fibre manufactured from man-made materials.

  • Polypropylene carpets are less expensive, colourfast and resist most stains.

  • Usually manufactured into loop style carpets, they are great for low traffic areas.


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